Love Spice – Makes You Sweat


Love Spice – Makes You Sweat hard-kisses with the sultry heat of Cayenne, the passion kick of Carolina Reaper and Chipotle’s flavor devotion. Let Love Spice with sweet cranberries, vanilla and our secret enliving mojo be the crush of heat you’ve been yearning.

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Product Description

All natural ingredients, mindfully sourced and artfully concocted. What you eat makes you hot! As flavor zealots we want to enliven your eats and Clamlube brings out the very best of flavors in all your fave foods. You’ll feel better and look better, way!

Clamlube Hot Sauce is for your favorite eats only (don’t use it anywhere else unless you are VERY adventurous).

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Weight 5.00 oz
Dimensions 9.00 x 5.00 x 3.00 in


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