We are all big fans of hot sauce. We usually experiment and try each others favorite recipe’s with different and unique style hot sauces. We couldn’t be happier with a chance run in with Clamlube. This sauce goes great on just about anything. We will have the grill out soon to BBQ up some oysters… Thanks again and can’t wait for the next flavor.

The guys at Specialty RV Sales

WOW! Best sauce for wings ever! I’m a bit famous (in my own mind) for my hot wings. This Christmas I made 170 of them for my family gathering and everyone went nuts. Not too hot with just the right amount of sweetness. Incredible flavor; and the T-shirts are way cool and a must have. Can’t wait for more flavors to try as I’m also famous for my bloody marys.


I love fishing. And I love fresh food. And now I’m in love with Clamlube hot sauce. I first tried it on some salmon I caught in Lake Michigan, then I put it on some halibut from my cousin in Alaska and now I have to stop myself from accidentally putting it on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because I put it on everything else. Layers of flavor in every bottle.

Jordan “the reel man” Miller

I’m on the 21 Day Fix food plan and I’m using it instead of dressing. Since it’s not burn your mouth hot I can use as much as I want and get lots of flavor while saving calories. Next week I’ll let you know how shrimp is saluted in Clamlube!

Cheri M.

You want a little kick that won’t be either a simple “pop rocks” or not as hard as them other sauces that turn your meal from fresh to inedible? As a (self proclaimed) spice aficionado, Clamlube gives that nice little needed kick that hot sauce is supposed to give, while not overwhelming you with it.

Artjom N.

Best dang hot sauce on the planet!

D K.

My food and my life have been forever altered.
I was a nube until Clamlube.

Lori L.

I don’t leave home without it.
You can’t beat it for flavor and livening up a party!

Trevor B.

All natural ingredients, mindfully sourced and artfully concocted.

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