Hey, Woody here, Woody Clamlube… and this is where the Clamlube Brand story starts!

I’m a self-styled surfer from the Central Coast of California. Back in the day, young and tan, my pals and I mixed things up in the field of  beach-side culinary artistry.

Seafood bakes, grilling steaks and veggies on an open fire with all gathered around on the beach…what could go wrong? Well, we experienced sporadic waves of flavor deficit, not the kind you like to ride.


Just as our days were marked by the endless search for that perfect wave or three…we constantly sought the perfect taste to complement our increasingly great culinary creations by the sea.

We tried many a sauce—some too sweet, some—dare I say—a titch too hot to where our food flavors were drowned, some with a nice level of spice, but not quite the right taste. As flavor zealots we sought a sauce to make our palettes tingle and resonate to the quality of our eats.

That’s when the search for our own excellent potions began.


We experimented with every pepper, every type of tomato, oil, onion, garlic, olive and fruit. It was years of trying this, cooking that, chopping those…roasting, toasting, boiling, baking, simmering searing, and tasting…until…until we got it right. That’s how Woody’s Original Clamlube Brand Hot Sauce was born.

We’ve started what we think is the perfect line of sauces that pair well with everything savory… We’re just getting started. Our first sauce, Xtra Virgin Mildly Mischievous, is a milder sauce with just enough habanero and our secret Enlivening Mojo to let you know it’s kicking. Xtra Virgin compliments all your fave foods without smothering their flavors. We now have 7 other great flavors, and in the pipeline are three amazing fresh salsas plus two new super scorching hot sauces: Akua Kawaka – The Devil’s Barrel and Love Spice – Makes You Sweat.

And! There’s a lot more to our story. So keep checking back in with me here on clamlube.com…Glam on! –Woody